alternative supplier for linearrails & ballscrews

Due to personnell changes and other experiences with Noulei in last years autumn, i am happy to point my readers to a new supplier for the well-known linear rails and ballscrews from XBD (“Xionbao”) – the “real” manufacturers name – as an (in my opinion: better) alternative to Noulei. The new supplier delivers same products from XBD with same level of quality (parts & shipping), but at an fairer price. This all is covered by an excellent customer-service – one of the best i have ever experienced myself.

So I strongly recommend to give it a try. There is no own website in place today. An Aliexpress-Shop has just started and is being set-up. Currently not all available items are listed, but you can get in contact via email:

Or just write an email to the boss directly: He will be more than happy to make you an offer and to answer all your other requests.

You can read more about the XBD-products here.

A small note for historical reasons: Simon and Ada really don’t work for Noulei any longer (since autumn last year). This new supplier is “independent” and I do not get any extra deposit / bonus for this post or any orders resulting from this post. If you ever make different experiences with this supplier, please give me a note. It is my intend to keep  this recommendation updated.